NewsJava to Get Twice-Yearly Releases

Java to Get Twice-Yearly Releases

Oracle is proposing some major changes to the Java release cycle. In a blog post, Mark Reinhold, chief architect of the Java Platform Group at Oracle, outlined a transition to an agile software development model with releases every six months.

“In this type of model the development process is a continuous pipeline of innovation that’s only loosely couple to the actual release process, which itself has a constant cadence,” Reinhold wrote. “Any particular feature, large or small, is merged only when it’s nearly finished. If a feature misses the current train then that’s unfortunate but it’s not the end of the world, since the next train will already be waiting and will also leave on schedule.”

Under the suggested plan, the Java Community Process would get some organizational changes, and OpenJDK builds would be shipped under a GPL license, beginning with JDK 9.

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