NewsIllumos Ramps Up as Oracle Walks Away From OpenSolaris

Illumos Ramps Up as Oracle Walks Away From OpenSolaris

According to Garrett D’Amore, Illumos project leader, “a littler birdie” told him that Oracle has made its final code commit to OpenSolaris yesterday.

“From here on out, Illumos and Oracle Solaris diverge,” D’Amore wrote on his blog. “The funny thing is, based on the calls I’ve had today, I could hardly be more optimistic about the future of Illumos and the code base that was formerly called Solaris. Even more talent is getting behind this effort every day.”

He said that when it’s all said and done, “Oracle may wind up viewing Illumos as the upstream rather than the reverse.”

Illumos project is an open source community maintained derivative of the OpenSolaris ON source.

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