NewsIEEE Computer Society Names Grady Booch as Computer Pioneer

IEEE Computer Society Names Grady Booch as Computer Pioneer

The IEEE Computer Society has awarded its 2016 Computer Pioneer Award to Grady Booch, the chief scientist for software engineering at IBM Research. Booch is best known as one of the “three amigos” (the other two were Ivar Jacobson and James Rumbaugh) who co-authored the Unified Modeling Language (UML). UML has since been adopted as an ISO standard, and it has been widely used throughout the technology industry.

“I’m deeply humbled by being on a list of people, many of whom are my heroes,” Booch said about the award.

Booch also served as chief scientist of Rational Software Corp., and was a founding member of the Agile Alliance and a proponent of agile software development. He has also written six books. He is currently working on a project called Computing: The Human Experience that aims to bring computing to people around the world.

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