NewsHow to Save on Microsoft Developer Tools

How to Save on Microsoft Developer Tools

If you develop applications for Microsoft platforms, you probably already know about the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN), which provides access to Microsoft application development tools — for a fee. However, you may not know about the other Microsoft programs which could help you access similar tools for less money or even for free:

  • DreamSpark — If you’re still a student, this program lets you get Visual Studio and other software for free.
  • BizSpark — For privately held companies that are less than three years old and have less than $1 million in revenue, this program also gives you tools for free. When you grow too large to meet the requirements, you get the tools at a discount.
  • WebsiteSpark — This program is basically the same as BizSpark, but it’s for Web development companies with less than 10 employees.
  • Microsoft Partner Network — If you don’t qualify for one of the other programs, check out this very broad program which offers a variety of free and paid resources.

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