NewsGNOME 3.0 Release Slips Another Six Months

GNOME 3.0 Release Slips Another Six Months

GNOME 3.0 was scheduled to ship in September, but now it’s been put off until March 2011.

At The Hague, Netherlands, the GNOME Release Team met to discuss the readiness of the next major release of GNOME – version 3. The Release Team decided that another release cycle was needed to tighten up the code.

“The GNOME Project will ship GNOME 2.32 in September along with a preview release of GNOME 3.0,” according to the press release. “Several of the distributions will ship GNOME 3.0 components that can be used for user previews or developer testing.”

The extra time is necessary to improve performance for GNOME Accessibility support, GNOME Shell and document for GNOME 3.0, according to the statement.

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