NewsEclipse Foundation Launches Java-Based IoT Stack

Eclipse Foundation Launches Java-Based IoT Stack

At the JavaOne 2014 conference, the Eclipse Foundation announced plans for a Java-based Internet of Things (IoT) stack. “We are announcing that the Eclipse Foundation is working toward creating a Java platform for IoT specifically targeted at connecting and managing devices,” said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of Eclipse. “And our goal with this is to ensure that Java developers have a free and open source platform for building IoT solutions. The Internet if Things is a huge opportunity.”

The Eclipse Open IoT Stack for Java includes a Java implementation of the MQTT client, a Java MQTT broker, a Java implementation of CoAP, a Java implementation of the Lightweight M2M standard, Kura, Eclipse Smarthome, Eclipse SCADA and Eclipse OM2M.

“IoT is a huge opportunity, and it is obviously attracting an enormous amount of investment and an enormous amount of hype,” Milinkovich added. “But I definitely believe that the core infrastructure pieces of the Internet of things have to be based on open source. Part of the reason that’s true is simply because any other business model will not scale. When you’re talking about literally tens of billions of devices and sensors and then probably a few billion device gateways, if the software infrastructure that’s running on those is anything other than open source, I just don’t see how the IoT ecosystem can scale to the dimensions required.” View article

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