NewsDevelopers Reflect on Steve Jobs

Developers Reflect on Steve Jobs

Numerous developers have been paying their respects to former Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Here are some noteworthy remembrances:

  • “Apple cannot replace him, and I don’t think that they should try. He was a messiah.” — James Gosling, creator of Java
  • “He recognized that technology was art, and that developers were artists — that hardware and software were not just intellectual exercises for ‘techies’ but should be visceral expressions of that passion.” — Jim Jagielski, co-founder of the Apache Software Foundation
  • “He gave developers a masterpiece to aspire to. No longer was it okay to ship something with bad design.” — Prashant Sridharan, vice president of Corensic
  • “His passion for simplicity, elegance, and beauty — even in the invisible — was and is an inspiration for all software developers.” — Grady Booch, co-creator of the Unified Modeling Language
  • “He showed us that building great software wasn’t enough; you also had to improve the lives of the user.” — Theo Schlossnagle, CEO of OmniTI

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