NewsCodeFights Renamed CodeSignal

CodeFights Renamed CodeSignal

The website formerly known as CodeFights has renamed itself CodeSignal. The company said, “Our goal is to ensure that we can provide a completely objective way of signaling your level of skill to those that matter.”

The firm is also launching a new developer scoring service that assesses developers’ technical competence. “Before the credit score became an industry standard, the lending market was at the discretion of a loan officer who might make a decision based on how you were dressed or talked, their own biases, or on whether or not they were having a good day,” said Tigran Sloyan, CEO of CodeSignal. “A credit score made the lending process a lot more objective, and scalable using data. This is what CodeSignal is doing for technical recruiting – making the hiring process less subjective and enabling companies to hire technical talent based on data, and not gut intuition or unconscious biases.”

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