NewsCode Fellows Offers Scholarships for Women, Minorities, Veterans

Code Fellows Offers Scholarships for Women, Minorities, Veterans

Developer education startup Code Fellows has launched a new scholarship program intended to increase diversity in the programming industry. The organization will pay up to 70 percent of tuition costs for qualified women, underrepresented minorities and veterans who are taking its Bootcamp or Development Accelerator courses. Up to 40 scholarships will be given away.

“This diversity scholarship program builds on one of our core beliefs: Everyone should have the opportunity to develop,” said Kristin Smith, CEO of Code Fellows. “For employers, increasing diversity, including the perspectives of women, minorities and veterans, leads to more effective teams building better products. And big picture: Expanding the talent pool to meet the tremendous demand for qualified software developers will drive broad economic growth.”

Interested applicants can apply by June 15 for summer classes or by August 1 for fall classes.

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