NewsCERT Publishes C++ Coding Standards

CERT Publishes C++ Coding Standards

Carnegie Mellon University’s Software Engineering Institute (SEI) CERT group has published a new 435-page book full of standards for coding securely in C++. The organization has previously released similar standards for C, but the new SEI CERT C++ Coding Standard has 83 rules specific to C++ that weren’t in the C edition.

Mark Sherman, technical director, Cybersecurity Foundations, for the SEI’s CERT Division, said, “The SEI CERT C++ Coding Standard joins our other free guidelines for secure software development, making secure development best practices easily accessible to everyone. This new format can be widely shared for use in classes, tools, professional guides, internal development standards, acquisition and procurement specifications, and other environments.”

The C and C++ standards are available for download from CERT.

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