NewsC Still the Most Popular Programming Language

C Still the Most Popular Programming Language

For the second month in a row, C has beat out Java to take the top slot on Tiobe’s popularity index for programming languages. According to the chart, 17.346 percent of developers use C, compared to 16.599 percent who use Java.

The rest of the top ten languages on the May list stayed much the same as the April list. The complete top ten included the following:

  1. C (17.346 percent)
  2. Java (16.599 percent)
  3. C++ (9.825 percent)
  4. Objective-C (8.309 percent)
  5. C# (6.823 percent)
  6. PHP (5.711 percent)
  7. Visual Basic (5.457 percent)
  8. Python (3.819 percent)
  9. Perl (2.805 percent)
  10. JavaScript (2.135 percent)

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