NewsC++ Makes Big Gains in Popularity

C++ Makes Big Gains in Popularity

According to the latest update to the Tiobe Programming Language Popularity Index, C++ has made the biggest gains in popularity over the last year, climbing 3.1 percent. Tiobe’s top five for July were Java (17.728 percent rating), C (16.147 percent), C++, C# (5.652 percent) and Python (4.257 percent).

Two competing indexes use different criteria for determining popularity and had slightly different results: The top five on the PyPL Popularity of Programming Language Index were Java (24.5 percent), PHP (11.4 percent), Python (11.1 percent), C# (9.2 percent) and C++ (7.7 percent). RedMonk’s June ranking had JavaScript, Java, PHP and Python as the top four, followed by a three-way tie among C#, C++ and Ruby.

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