NewsC Experiences Sharp Rise in Popularity

C Experiences Sharp Rise in Popularity

Although it was once the most popular programming language on the Tiobe index, C had been trending sharply downward for some time. Last August it hit an all-time low rating of 6.477 percent. However, that trend has completely reversed itself, and C had a 10.158 rating in the December 2017 update to the Tiobe index of programming language popularity.

That jump puts C in contention for Tiobe’s programming language of the year award, which is given to the language that makes the largest gains in popularity. Other contenders include Kotlin and Matlab.

The top ten for this month were Java (13.258 percent), C (10.158 percent), C++ (4.717 percent), Python (3.777 percent), C# (2.822 percent), JavaScript (2.474 percent), Visual Basic.Net (2.471 percent), R (1.906 percent, PHP (1.59 percent) and Matlab (1.569 percent).

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