NewsBlankenhorn Welcomes Amazon's Linux Distro

Blankenhorn Welcomes Amazon’s Linux Distro

Amazon is now in the Linux distribution business with the release of the Amazon Machine Image, and ZDNet’s Dana Blankenhorn welcomes the company with open arms.

“The Amazon Linux AMI is designed for launching applications within the Amazon EC2 cloud. It’s a stripped-down server Linux that starts from a command line.

In other words this is not a general purpose distribution. Amazon is not trying to go head-to-head with Red Hat, Novell or Oracle. This is purpose-built, the purpose being Amazon’s cloud, which remains the most popular cloud host for business applications.”

Amazon’s goal with Linux AMI is to create a secure system that not only protects it’s cloud customers from hackers, but also from themselves.

“Amazon AMI is very welcome,” Blankenhorn said.

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