NewsBlack Duck Buys Ohloh From Geeknet

Black Duck Buys Ohloh From Geeknet is an open source software directory. Now has been purchased by Black Duck Software from Geeknet and will be combined with Black Duck’s

“With this acquisition, Black Duck is directly benefitting the FOSS community, by aiding developers’ ability to find and use open source,” said Red Hat executive Paul Cormier said in a statement. “It’s a strategic acquisition that will continue Black Duck’s transformation into a leading open-source enabler, community member and FOSS champion.”

According to eWeek’s Darryl Taft, “Black Duck officials said the company plans to use this acquisition to help enhance and expand FOSS adoption by making it easier for developers to tap the huge body of high-quality code in open-source projects, and collaborate with their peers through the Ohloh community.”

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