NewsAT&T Adds Motorola's Open Source Android Backflip

AT&T Adds Motorola’s Open Source Android Backflip

Motorola’s Backflip is set to compete with Apple’s iPhone as AT&T offers the open source Android for $99.

LinuxInsider has the story.

“Both are smartphones, to be sure, and both are offered through AT&T,” Katherine Noyes reported. “They also provide many of the same features and functionality.”

But despite the similarities between the iPhone and the Backflip, they each represent different positions within AT&T’s strategy, Noyes said.

The Backflip is, reported LinuxInsider, “intended to be a mass-market device similar to the Cliq over at T-Mobile,” said IDC Senior Research Analyst Ramon Llamas. “It’s got to be inexpensive, but it’s also got to provide a good experience.”

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