NewsAre Websites Dying?

Are Websites Dying?

Rob LoCascio, founder and CEO of LivePerson, the company that makes the technology behind those chat windows that pop up on websites, has an interesting op-ed on TechCrunch. LoCascio believes the website format is dying, largely because of problems with HTML and Google. He writes, “When we started to build websites in the ’90s, everyone was trying to design their virtual stores differently. On one hand, this made them interesting and unique; on the other, the lack of industry standards made them hard to navigate — and really hard to ‘index’ into a universal card catalog. . . Now, almost every website looks the same — and performs poorly.”

He believes that bed website design is leading to bad customer experiences and skyrocketing calls to contact centers. And he predicts that at least one major brand will shut down its website this year.

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