NewsAdvice for Surviving Your First Year as a Developer

Advice for Surviving Your First Year as a Developer

Datamation’s Eric Spiegel tells new computer graduates that they don’t need costly training classes to help them learn how to behave in the workplace. Instead he offers a few tips free of charge. Here’s a sampling:

  • “Everyone screws up. Don’t try to cover things up or make excuses, just learn from your mistakes and do a better job next time.”
  • “Drinking alcohol during work hours isn’t a good idea.”
  • “Don’t order dessert when the boss is buying lunch.”
  • “Working on side projects at work is not cool.”
  • “You can’t just tell customers to suck it up if they complain. Take the time to learn how to deal with difficult customers.”
  • “Some of your coworkers will be idiots and worse, bullies. Don’t let their bad habits or bad attitudes bring you down.”
  • “Go ahead and suck up to the boss.”
  • “Don’t bring your manager problems, bring them solutions. No one likes a complainer.”

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