NewsAdobe Backs Away From Director's Open Source Comments

Adobe Backs Away From Director’s Open Source Comments

The Inquirer’s Rob Coppinger wondered today if Adobe’s reaction to the company’s director of open source Dave McAllister’s comment about open source is signaling that the company is going to dump its open source strategy.

“Is ditching open source being considered at Adobe?,” Coppinger wrote today. “The company has contacted The Inquirer after we quoted one of its senior manager criticizing Oracle for its anti-open sauce attitude.”

What happened is that McAllister wrote on his employer’s [email protected] blog about Oracle’s decision to kill OpenSolaris.

“I do wonder who’s next in the shift from open source commitment that Oracle seems to be leading,” McAllister said.

Adobe’s corporate communication’s senior director Holly Campbell responded to the Inquirer. She said, “Dave McAllister, Adobe’s Director of Open Source and Standards, posted a comment to the [email protected] blog that was critical of Oracle and its approach to open standards.

“Dave’s point of view is his alone and does not represent the opinion of Adobe. Oracle is a valued partner and this blog post does not reflect our position on Oracle’s business strategy.”

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