NewsActiveState Ships Komodo 7 IDE

ActiveState Ships Komodo 7 IDE

ActiveState has announced the release of Komodo 7, an integrated development environment for Python, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, Perl, Web and cloud development. According to the company, performance enhancements have made Komodo 7 “the world’s fastest” IDE. Key new features include Stackato integration, Komodo Sync and Cloud Collaboration. The IDE also adds support for Node.js, CoffeeScript, LESS, SCSS, EJS and Mojolicious.

“The development community is changing rapidly,” said ActiveState’s Jeff Hobbs. “Users are demanding more efficiency in their coding, they’re adopting new languages and frameworks, and they’re moving applications into the cloud. Komodo IDE 7 has evolved to meet these needs, staying on the leading edge of new languages and enhancing all the tools from previous versions. Early feedback is extremely positive — Komodo IDE 7 will build on Komodo’s reputation as the go-to multi-language IDE.”

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