NewsA Mixed Verdict in the Latest Apple v. Samsung Case

A Mixed Verdict in the Latest Apple v. Samsung Case

On Friday, a jury handed down its verdict in the latest battle in the patent war between Apple and Samsung. It found that Samsung had violated three Apple patents and awarded Apple damages of $119 million. But it also found that Apple violated a Samsung patent and awarded the Korean firm $158,400 in damages.

According to The Wall Street Journal, “the verdict is expected to have little impact in the marketplace. Legal experts and people close to the company said most of the infringing products are no longer sold, and Samsung is likely to implement alternative technologies for future models.”

The paper quoted law professor Mark McKenna, who concluded, “I can’t imagine that Apple came away from this case and felt like it was a resounding victory. This will take some of the incentive out of fighting this in the legal venue rather than the business world.”

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