News60% of .NET Developers Got Raises Last Year

60% of .NET Developers Got Raises Last Year

According to the 2013 Visual Studio Magazine Salary Survey, times are good for .NET developers. Among more than 1,000 developers surveyed, 60 percent said they earned more in 2012 than in 2011, while only 9.7 percent earned less. In addition, only 4.3 percent of .NET developers surveyed had been laid off in the past twelve months.

The average salary for a .NET developer came in at $94, 381, up from $92,754 the year prior. However, developers with certain specialties reported higher earnings. SharePoint developers made an average of $103,188, and SQL Server devs made $97,840. By contrast, those who specialized in Visual Studio reported $90,682 in average earnings.

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