News16 Noteworthy JavaScript Libraries

16 Noteworthy JavaScript Libraries

You’ve probably already heard of JQuery; here are some other less well-known JavaScript tools that can handle HTML5 Video, animations, charts and other specialized tasks.

  • YUI (Yahoo User Inferface) offers open source charts, widgets, and other tools, many of which drive Flickr and Yahoo Mail.
  • Mashi offers tools for making sprites and letters dance across the screen.
  • MooTools offers browser-independent shorthand for manipulating arrays, divs, spans, etc.
  • Pp3Dico helps create 3D game boards.
  • VideoForEverybody lets you use standard HTML5 tags that will be replaced with Flash or QuickTime if the viewer’s browser doesn’t support HTML5.
  • Raphaël simplifies work with vector graphics.
  • JSCharts provides chart templates.
  • Flot plots data on a graph.
  • Protovis provides data visualizations.
  • Simile Widgets offers another collection of data visualization tools.
  • Tile5 offers interesting mapping capabilities.
  • jQuery Mobile makes it easier to create touch-friendly mobile apps.
  • HTML5SQL makes it easier to take advantage of local databases.
  • TaffyDB accomplishes querying tasks with JSON.
  • Firebug provides debugging capabilities.
  • Blackbird provides a simple way to log JavaScript bugs and error messages.

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