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Review of WebZinc v1

  • November 20, 2002
  • By Simon Palin
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Back in the cold winter mornings of December 1999, I remember looking at the daily news announcement on our company intranet - and thinking, "Hmm, I wish my application had that".

The sheer thought of writing a few lines of code to automatically grab and display the latest company happenings excited me. It would keep users interested and gave the impression of a regularly maintained system (which of course, was totally untrue).

However after a little playing around, those 'few lines of code' turned into a few dozen lines of code - and then into hundreds - and then into thousands.

It wasn't fun.

Then just last week, a software company threw a pre-release version of WebZinc my way, a product they claimed could sort out my intranet problem in a jiffy - and that, they said, was only the beginning.

But can WebZinc really stand up to its marketing claims? Let the review begin...

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