March 4, 2021
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Review of SmartUI

  • By Karl Moore
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Ever get tired of uninstalling all those so-called 'revolutionary' user interface components that turn out to be little more than mere hyped-up combo boxes?

It's a sad fact of programmatic life, but when it comes to making your application fit in with the high standards set by Microsoft—even the leaders in such tools seem to churn out utter rubbish.

Thankfully, such dodgy offerings are pretty simple to spot - they're difficult to use, contain a dodgy help file penned by some illegal Chinese immigrant, plus fall over more times than Laurel & Hardy in a let's-walk-down-the-stairs sketch.

But there's one company that promises its singular component rises above the rest—BestOfWare, based in the South of France.

They claim their product, SmartUI turns user interface development into nothing but pure fun. Whether you're looking to add an Outlook-style sidebar or a tree view full of folders—this beast can apparently help. But is it good enough—or worth the dough?

Slap on your berets and prepare to periodically cry out "Ooh la la!" as we enter the land of snails to cynically check out SmartUI...

Stereotypical? Me??

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This article was originally published on November 20, 2002

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