September 30, 2020
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Digital Imaging Through VB

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Visual Basic Extends Several Possibilities and tools for Digital Image processing.The Only format Supported by Visual Basic for Displaying in its Control is the .BMP format.All other Formats like:


Get Converted into .bmp format when Embeded in Visual basic.Once a Picture is Assigned to a picture box in design time it gets loaded along with the form in other words picture property of a picture box does not store path of the images it stores the image along with the form in a file secondry named .frx.And any image in any format get converted to .BMP with 24 bit representation of the image.

Another Feature of Visual Basic is Drawing Persistant Graphics on the Screen. Graphics which are Persistant on the screen even after moving other window on the Drawn area are called as the persistant graphics.This can be Set using the autoredraw property of the picture box.

The color Modes.
Visual Basic Supports the RGB color Mode. rgb(0,0,0) Defines Black and rgb(255,255,255) Defines White Red parameter can take a Value range of 0 to 255 and so do the greeen and Blue So with permutations we can achieve a Max of 255 x 255 x 255 colors a max of 16 Million Colors So VB with its RGB color Mode Supports a max of 16 million Colors and to be exact 16 million shades.

The other color modes that are Available are:

Thought not Supported By Visual Basic.

The Other Important Supports extended by Visual Basic to Digital Image processing are to read and Write Pixels to a Picture.The Methods That are Used for Doing this are the:


Both the methods are supported by the Picture Box.


This will set the pixel at the point specified at x,y with the color mentioned in the long variable "color"


This will pick a long integer which consist of the color information which can be split to the respective RGB value.The Point method uses the X,Y co-ordinate system rather than the general left,top Positioning or ROW,COL value.The top left corner of the picture box can be assumed as a graph with 0,0 and without negative Axis.

With All these Facilities Visual Basic can be Easily Manupilated to make it a Digital Image Processing Tool.

This article was originally published on November 20, 2002

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