March 7, 2021
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Customising Your Setup - Part 2

  • By Dax Pandhi
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Hello there!

There's the astonishing thing about human nature or should I say programmer nature that once you give someone a bit of excitement, they suddenly want more!

Hopefully that's what happened when you read the first part of my setup tutorial and due to the wonderful response, I decided to put together all your wildest fantasies come true Part Two!

Last time we created a variation of the default setup program with VB 6. This time around, we're going to add even more features, with the visual interface hitting an all-time high and functionality blasting through the roof, bringing shame on the likes of Visual Installer that ships with VB Service Pack 4.

<Dax suddenly notices the Microsoft lawsuit proceedings in his Inbox and decides to withdraw all previously made comments>

Intrigued? Well, let's look at what we're going to accomplish in this article...

Firstly, we'll enhance some existing setup dialogues, making them even brighter than before. Next, we'll perform a little editing to launch sub-setup programs, such as installing MS Agent and such. And to top it all off, we'll implement the "Function Bank", a truckload of neat, commented functions you'll find indispensable plus we'll even demonstrate how to use a couple of 'em!

Well, now I'm sure you're intrigued... enchanted even! ;)

<Ed: That's right, Dax. Enchanted. Uhuh.>

After all, if Microsoft made it this good... well, we can make it better! So let's get on with it...

<The Inbox of Dax buzzes and yet another lawsuit falls into his hands>

NOTE: Attention heroic/suicidal programmers. Setup1.exe was tested on Windows 2000 and nothing works!!! Sometime you get an "entry missing" error, sometimes an endless reboot, sometimes horrible crashes. Once it was so bad I had to re-install Win2k all over again! So beware

NOTE: We're using the same project we worked on in Part 1 of 'Customizing Your Setup'! We'll enhance that only! Don't create a new one, otherwise you may not be able to fully complete the work.

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This article was originally published on November 20, 2002

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