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Discovering Arrays

  • November 20, 2002
  • By Karl Moore
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The very first time I encountered arrays, I have to admit I was confused.

And who wouldn't be in a subject that includes buzzwords such as elements, multi-dimensions, population, dynamics, fixed-sizes and explicit boundaries? Oh boy.

But arrays really aren't all that horrid. They're just a hyped-up a way of temporarily storing a load of information sort of a regular variable that holds lots of different bits of data.

If you're unsure what a variable is, check out my Beginning Visual Basic tutorial here.

If you care to join me, your host Karl Moore, in this article, we'll be:

  • Figuring out what arrays are all about
  • Discovering how to use them within your apps
  • Checking out fixed-size and dynamic arrays
  • Covering a few neat tips and tricks
  • Getting all multi-dimensional

And all that without an ounce of geeky recondite language. Well, maybe just a little oh, come on, how would we nerds live without it? J

Top Tip: Why don't you print out this tutorial by clicking the print link to your right? This will allow you to work through the activities offline with greater ease.

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