March 4, 2021
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Review of Fusion 1.0

  • By Karl Moore
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Do you remember your first days with Visual Basic? I sure do.

I'd just graduated from Microsoft Access and was thrilled at the prospect of being able to create my very own .EXE files. No longer would my users need to rely on Microsoft Access. Oh no.

Unfortunately, my enthusiasm was short lived. Very short lived, actually.

It turned out all Visual Basic applications required the 1.3MB VB runtime DLL to operate, dammit. Enthusiasm getting lower.

And if you wanted to give that to your end user, you'd need to create a setup package. Enthusiasm getting even lower now.

And that meant even the simplest 'Hello World!' application took a minimum of two floppy disks. Enthusiasm gone.

But a few weeks ago, I stumbled across Fusion 1.0, from UK-based development house BitArts. It promised to package your application and all it's dependencies into one, compressed executable. And that meant no huge file sizes, no boring setup routines, no worries.

When we did a poll a couple of months ago, this file dependency issue ranked as the most requested VB7 feature. So could Fusion provide a solution for all those frustrated developers? Read on to find out.

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This article was originally published on November 20, 2002

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