February 26, 2021
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ActiveX Control Tutorial - Part 4

  • By Karl Moore
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Hola and welcome to the fourth instalment of the only ActiveX control tutorial that's groovier than Austin Powers and perhaps even hotter than Felicity Shagwell's pants*.

* 'Course, that all depends on whether you adopt the American or saucier English definition. I opt for the latter. Any complaints?

If you've missed any of the previous slots, be sure to check them out before continuing:

  • Part One — Introduction to ActiveX controls
  • Part Two — Properties, Enumeration, Resizing
  • Part Three — Events, Mapping, ActiveX Wizard

As ever, I'm your wizzy host Karl Moore and this week, we'll be:

  • Discussing what that wizard did last week
  • Figuring out what property bags are all about
  • Figuring out what old bags are all about
  • Adding our very own custom property pages (cool stuff!)

So grab that copy of Visual Basic and let's fly off into the programmatic world of ActiveX controls...

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This article was originally published on November 22, 2002

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