January 18, 2021
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Visual Basic Tutorial - Part 6

  • By Karl Moore
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Hello and welcome to the very final instalment of this Visual Basic tutorial. This week, we'll review what we've learnt over the past couple of months. We'll run over data types, loops and functions. And we'll recommend where to go from here and which books you'll find useful. We'll even tell you how to get Microsoft certified!

As ever, I'm your amazingly awful host, Karl Moore. When your confusion levels reach an all-time peak, I'm here to soothe the pain with a bit of boring geek-speak.

If you haven't read any of the previous tutorials yet, grab the latest at:

  • Tutorial One - Basic introduction to VB
  • Tutorial Two - Exploring objects, properties and code
  • Tutorial Three - Looking at variables and conditional logic
  • Tutorial Four - An adventure with subs and loops
  • Tutorial Five - Another look at properties, methods and events, then an exciting dive into functions!
  • Each of the above tutorials aroused much public response and an array of questions.

    In this last part, I'll briefly review the top dozen queries, tying up a few of those loose strings, providing simple answers to help you understand Visual Basic to the fullest.

    I appreciate all the friendly e-mails, and related impertinent comments that regular readers/enemies/weirdos have sent me. Indeed, they have been the very foundation of this final section.

    So, without any further delays, let's ride the digital engine into the world of Visual Basic...

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    This article was originally published on November 7, 2002

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