February 25, 2021
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The Registry - Now I've got it what can I do?

  • By John Percival
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So far in this series we have investigated the built in Registry functions in Visual Basic, as well as investigating most of the API functions that allow you complete access to all parts of the Registry.

In this article, I will show you how to get all the sub keys under a key (enumeration), as well as investigating the practical uses of the Registry, such as saving settings and changing the computer security settings.  I recommend that you read the previous article in this series in order to fully understand how the Registry is structured, as well as how the Windows API functions can be used.

As ever, I warn you to be careful with changing the registry, as it can have disastrous effects on the system. Make sure that you back up system.dat and user.dat in the windows directory before you do too much more.

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This article was originally published on November 20, 2002

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