March 8, 2021
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Creating an Ultra-Thin Client

  • By Karl Moore
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The Easy Way to Download Full Application Updates

However, it's more than possible that first solution won't suit you. Perhaps you've created a commercial application that won't be used inside a corporation with a speedy Intranet. Rather than downloading a fresh assembly every time a portion of your program is accessed, you simply want it to check for updates over the Web and download the latest version of the whole program, if available.

That's absolutely possible... but slightly more complicated.

But why do more work than you have to? Microsoft has already written their own .NET Application Updater Component, which has just been released online at www.gotdotnet.com/team/windowsforms/appupdater.aspx.

The component comes will full source, samples, and a walk-through. It can easily check for an update, prompt your user to download the upgrade, and replace your core assembly—and even has support for on-demand installation. And hundreds of lines of code to handle all this processing have already been written for you. It's one of my personal favorites and definitely worth checking out.

Well, that's how to automatically update your Windows programs and have the best of both worlds: complete control and no maintenance worries.

Enter stage left: return of the fat client. Hurrah and hujjah!

About the Author

Karl Moore (MCSD, MVP) is an experience author living in Yorkshire, England. He is author of numerous technology books, including the new Ultimate VB .NET and ASP.NET Code Book, plus regularly features at industry conferences and on BBC radio. Moore also runs his own creative consultancy, White Cliff Computing Ltd. Visit his official Web site at www.karlmoore.com.

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This article was originally published on February 4, 2004

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