August 19, 2019
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ADO.NET Overview

  • November 20, 2002
  • By Karl Moore
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ADO.NET brings along with it four, much-publicised advantages:

Interoperability - All data in ADO.NET is transported in XML format,meaning it's simply a structured text document that can be read by anyone onany platform.

Scalability - The client/server model is out. ADO.NET promotes theuse of disconnected datasets, with automatic connection pooling bundled as partof the package.

Productivity - You can't just pick it up and run, but ADO.NET cancertainly improve your overall development time. For example, "Typed DataSets"help you work quicker and produce more bug-free code.

Performance - Because ADO.NET is mainly about disconnected datasets,the database server is no longer a bottleneck and hence applications shouldincur a performance boost.

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