March 9, 2021
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VB .NET Uncovered: Getting Started

  • By Karl Moore
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In Getting Started, we found out exactly what VB.NET is, plus figured out how to slap it onto our machine. Finally, we explored the new Visual Basic development environment, plus created a mini test program.

Over the next month, we'll be bringing you even more VB.NET Uncovered tutorials to keep you ahead of the crowd. Let's review what's coming up:

  • Big Changes — A look at the all-new 'Windows Forms' plus those fresh wizzy controls, along with a geek-peek at all those VB.NET coding changes
  • Working the Web — Figure out how to create your own dynamic, interactive, personalised Web sites in the time it'd take you to knock up a desktop application
  • Services Rendered — A quick look at Web Services and how they blast DCOM out of the skies
  • Doing Data — ADO.NET. So, what's all that about then? A sneak-peek at working with databases in the next version of Visual Basic
  • They're Objects, Jim — But not as we know them! With VB.NET, we get a fully object-oriented programming language. Yet what does it really mean to developers?

You know, every day I receive hundreds of mail messages. Half of these ask why Microsoft has removed the line control in VB.NET, why the code syntax has changed, why WebClasses have disappeared. The other half ask why it took so long.

It's a big change, no doubt about it. But from my own workings with the language, it's a change for the good. So better to embrace the new technologies before anyone else, than be left behind on a backburner.

That's the conclusion — and so until the next time, this is Karl Moore asking that you take care of yourselves. Annnd each other. Goodnight!

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This article was originally published on October 20, 2002

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