January 19, 2021
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Develop Your Own Browser - Part 1

  • By Soma Sundaram
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Insert these declarations into your form declaration section

Private Declare Function PrinterProperties _        Lib winspool.drv _(ByVal hWnd As Long, ByVal hPrinter As Long) _        As LongPrivate Declare Function OpenPrinter _        Lib winspool.drv _Alias OpenPrinterA (ByVal pPrinterName _        As String, _phPrinter As Long, pDefault As PRINTER_DEFAULTS) _        As LongPrivate Declare Function ClosePrinter _        Lib winspool.drv _(ByVal hPrinter As Long) As LongPrivate Type PRINTER_DEFAULTSpDatatype As Long  StringpDevMode As LongpDesiredAccess As LongEnd TypePrivate Const STANDARD_RIGHTS_REQUIRED = &HF0000Private Const PRINTER_ACCESS_ADMINISTER = &H4Private Const PRINTER_ACCESS_USE = &H8Private Const PRINTER_ALL_ACCESS = (STANDARD_RIGHTS_REQUIRED Or _PRINTER_ACCESS_ADMINISTER Or PRINTER_ACCESS_USE)

Then Insert these coding into your Click Event:

On Error Resume NextDim retval As Long, hPrinter As LongDim PD As PRINTER_DEFAULTSPD.pDatatype = 0PD.pDesiredAccess = STANDARD_RIGHTS_REQUIRED Or PRINTER_ACCESS_USEPD.pDevMode = 0retval = OpenPrinter(Printer.DeviceName, hPrinter, PD)If retval = 0 ThenMsgBox Printer Not FoundElseretval = PrinterProperties(Me.hWnd, hPrinter) retval = ClosePrinter(hPrinter)End If

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This article was originally published on November 20, 2002

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