March 5, 2021
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Review of VB .NET Course

  • By Karl Moore
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Costing #595 / $890 for the two days, this Rob Macdonald course promises to get you up to speed with all the latest VB.NET technologies. It's a hands-on course for Visual Basic 6 developers with a reasonable knowledge of the language.

And it all started off well. Sort of.

After getting lost on the tube, I finally managed to land at my intended destination - Ladbroke Grove station. From there, I experienced taxi troubles. Erm, there weren't any. However I finally arrived - and one coke later, it was time for the ten delegates to invade the course room.

And this is where the fun began. Sitting down, we were all presented with a full training kit; everything from a copy of the latest VB.Net Beta One Programming book from Wrox, through to a bound version of all the up-and-coming presentation slides. Pen, notepaper, resource CD and full copy of VB.Net Beta One were also provided.

I was already impressed. Everything seemed much more professional than I had expected. And the pen was exceptionally groovy, also.

After the mandatory introductions, Rob Macdonald of ADO-book fame and whom I later learned is developing the six-week training course for Microsoft VB.Net technicians started off by taking us on a grand tour of the .Net strategy, showcasing the new wizzy features and demonstrating how it all fits into the real world.

He then moved onto language features covering everything from data type changes through to constructors and inheritance followed shortly after by Web Services. Over the next two days we went on to cover how .Net works, ADO.Net, Windows Forms and Web Forms.

Now, this course could have been exceptionally boring. If Rob would've simply droned on about VB.Net and how it was going to change our lives, I'm sure I would've left the first day. But he didn't after the initial introduction, it was hands-on and exercise-time. And that was pure fun.

It was fast-paced, no doubt about it. And I'm sure a Visual Basic newbie simply wouldn't be able to cope. But this course wasn't aimed at those just starting out with the language. It was aimed at developers looking to get a head start in using some of the latest technologies.

There was also plenty of time for questions and Rob seemed to have an infinite number of answers. It was also nice to see a trainer so completely unbias; no big time plugs, no unnecessary hype, no "I'm a Bill Gates love child" sticker.

It was just two days of friendly faces and the facts.

And so, I was pleased.

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This article was originally published on March 20, 2001

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