January 21, 2021
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Quickstart Guide to Screensavers

  • By Karl Moore
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Your screensaver needs to handle passwords. This section will deal with allowing the user to change their password. We will later look at prompting the user for a password, plus verifying its authenticity.

Changing the Password

  • Add the following code to a module in your screensaver application:
Declare Function PwdChangePassword& Lib "mpr" _    Alias "PwdChangePasswordA" (ByVal lpcRegkeyname$, _    ByVal hwnd&, ByVal uiReserved1&, ByVal uiReserved2&)        Public Sub ChangePassword()    Dim dispHWND As Long    ' Get handle of the Display Properties window    dispHWND = CLng(Right(Command, Len(Command) - 3))        ' Call the change password screen    Call PwdChangePassword("SCRSAVE", dispHWND, 0, 0)End Sub
  • When a password change is requested (see Determining the Mode), run the ChangePassword method

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This article was originally published on November 20, 2002

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