March 8, 2021
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The COM Course - Part 3

  • By Karl Moore
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So you've had a little taste of the COM life and feel it's the route for you?

Well, although we've touched on the most important points there's plenty more for you to go at. Most importantly, I'd like you to find out about Collections and how they let your classes to work together, allowing you to build better, more solid ActiveX components based on real-life objects.

So where can you go from here?

  • Guide to Objects - Online Tutorial - Great multi-part guide on how to design and create your own objects in Visual Basic. By Sam Huggill, VBSquare
  • VB COM - Book Neat 350-page guide to COM. Covers everything from classes through to MTS. Well-written, fairly compact but a little skimpy in parts. By Thomas Lewis
  • Paul Sheriff Videos - Videos If you prefer to learn by watching, you might be interested in X video from Keystone Learning. Nice guide, not thorough but helps clear the mist. Supplementary manual costs a few dollars extra. By Paul Sheriff, Keystone Learning
  • Professional VB6 Databases - Book - Covers creating professional objects based around a database design. Also covers lots of database-related whatnots. Excellent mix of content, great for enterprise work. By Charles Williams
  • Murach's Visual Basic 6 - Beginner's guide to Visual Basic, but rapidly moves onto classes and the like. Covers a lot in a little, meaning some parts are scantily clad but on the whole, a good read.

Well that's about all for this mini-series so I guess that means it's time to get all conclusional.

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This article was originally published on November 20, 2002

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