March 9, 2021
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Review of SmartUI

  • By Karl Moore
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In retrospect, I suppose it seems obvious.

As dozens of user interface component companies throughout the world let out huge Homer-Simpson-like cries of "D'OH!"—it seems creators BestOfWare are left smiling.

The pure concept of creating one singular 'container' object into which you can easily add combo boxes, tree view items, menus and more—just seems so utterly simple.

And SmartUI offers that. And it works. And well.

Sporting an easy-to-understand object model, a neat bundle of samples, plus a realistic price tag, this component is heading straight for my box of developer ammo.

Well done, BestOfWare—a quality job.

Just one question though—why didn't somebody think of this sooner?

Download: You can download a time-limited trial of SmartUI from the BestOfWare site at www.bestofware.com.

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This article was originally published on November 20, 2002

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