March 8, 2021
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The Juicy Stuff Enforcing The Law!

  • By Dax Pandhi
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What if you find someone who breaks the rules and alters your program or pirates your software? The following will offer you some constructive steps for going after the person who broke the law:

  1. As soon as you find out there has been a breach of the End-User License Agreement, contact your legal attorney
  2. As per the case, your attorney will be able to help you build a case of the matter and charge the culprit with either Civil Penalty (as appropriate), Criminal Penalty or both! The charge are based on Copyright/Trademark/Patent infringement. (Breach of EULA is considered infringement of copyright/trademark/patent as applicable)
  3. Your "criminal" will receive summons from the court and follow the appropriate procedure(s)

Your attorney will shed more light on the matter mentioned above. Potentially, the guilty party can be sued or fined and in some extreme cases, jailed. Pirated software usage/creation can end up with fines of 10 times the current software price and/or 2 or more years in prison.

Of course, you must do everything very, very carefully. You might end up being sued instead!!

Things to NOT Do

  • Don't register anything if you are using pirated software yourself!
  • Don't register any trademarks that already exists. You might end up in a 8 year lawsuit with a mighty fine that will make you sell your house and office!
  • Don't patent anything unless you're 100% sure it is appropriate patent (example: GetRight patented its technology of resumable downloads because it was unique technology)
  • Don't go around registering and enforcing laws on people without a legal counselor beside you. One must be hired before and not after filing a lawsuit!
  • And for you extremists, don't ever go as your own legal representative!

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This article was originally published on November 20, 2002

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