February 28, 2021
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Learn From My Mistakes It's Much Cheaper!

  • By Dax Pandhi
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If you're using VB as a hobby, just learning the language or simply fooling around, no problemo. But when you go commercial, you'll encounter lots of problems and barriers. From my experience the following are the most common, and their solutions are the easiest (to be used with my function module listed earlier).

I give thee the power use it well J

Internet Shortcuts

Sometimes you need to create an Internet Shortcut. Use the following.

CreateINetShortcut(strPath As String, strName As String, strURL As String)

StrPath is the path of the shortcut for example "c:\windows\desktop\mynetshortcut.url"

StrName is the name of the shortcut for example "MyShortcut"

StrURL is the URL of the site for example "http://www.vb-world.net"

Using Encryption

Sometimes you have a little information you may want to keep secure. Use XOR Encryption/decryption like this:

XOREncDecFile(strKey As String, strInPath As String, strOutPath As String)

StrKey is your password for the file NEVER use anything except A-Z and 0-9! Its been known to cause problems.

StrInPath is the encoded/normal file

StrOutPath is the decoded/encoded output file.

It's good if you don't use the same path for both strInPath and strOutPath.

Windows 2000

Win2k and Package & Deployment Wizard: File dates are stored differently and errors can occur!

Of course, Microsoft sometimes forgets to report some bugs until after it has been fixed. Endless Reboot and Windows' system file corruption are just are a few.

To prevent such problems, I highly recommend you install the latest service packs for both your OS and Visual Basic. Service Pack 4 of Visual Studio/Visual Basic solves the Endless Reboot problem and a few more bugs.

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This article was originally published on November 20, 2002

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