February 24, 2021
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Anyone for WAP?

  • By Sam Huggill
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As developers we still need to keep WAP in mind. It has the potential to be very powerful and accessible to millions of people. I'm sure a lot of people in your company would rather just carry around their mobile then a laptop.

I'm not suggesting that the mobile will replace the laptop, but it might make some of the information normally viewed on one viewable on a mobile, which would be great!

During this time where WAP is truly in its infancy, we need to keep up with what's going on. Think about your existing systems and how you could extend them to include WAP. Think what information might be easily viewable on a small screen that can't handle a great deal of bandwidth.

With this in mind we can start to think about building WML pages on the fly, outputting certain data or even letting the user select certain bits they want to see from their phone.

This could be really powerful but it's not quite here yet. Perhaps in 12 to 18 months time we'll start seeing the real power of WAP coming out. But that isn't very long away, so when you start building your next application think about whether your users might want to access the data from their phones.

What I'm still wondering is where does WAP fit into Microsoft's DNA? (Answers on a postcard please!)

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Sam Huggill

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This article was originally published on November 19, 2002

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