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Customising Your Setup - Part 1

  • November 20, 2002
  • By Dax Pandhi
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Now, we will change the visual appearance of the Setup background.

In Frmsetup1, comment all the code in DrawBackGround(). Now, turn to the Design view. Add whatever labels, images and stuff you like. Then, set the form's state to vbMaximized in the last line of Form_Load() (you will LOVE this when we finish the project!).

To make it more clear for you, here's a small example... look at the image below. You can also make one like it by just adding a few labels of BIG fonts and an image.

Blow Up!

WARNING: The labels that already present on frmSetup1 (lblModify & lblDDE) should NOT be deleted. They are necessary and invisible at runtime, so they will not harm your design. If they interfere with your designing, move them away from the form by setting their Left & Top properties to 2000!

Like I said before, there's nothing like customization. ;)

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