February 28, 2021
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Customising Your Setup - Part 1

  • By Dax Pandhi
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OK - all programs use different algorithms and registration stuff, so it is NOT up to me to tell how to do that. You are completely on your own - ;) - Best of luck!

But that is the great advantage of creating a custom setup program - you can add the registration process HERE instead of inside the software itself!

To sync with the project, don't create a new form, instead:

  • Delete the controls on FrmWelcome and rename FrmWelcome to FrmRegister
  • Delete the Form_Load() coding and it'll be ready! Don't delete any other coding

Why did we do that? The project is coded to load FrmBegin right after FrmWelcome. To change this, it would take a whole series of articles. But, in any case, the easy way is to make sure the last form you want to customize is frmWelcome!

There we go - the forms are finished! You've added a license agreement, a welcome form, a read-me-first, plus discussed registration.

When you next use the Package and Deployment Wizard, these new forms will all be available in your setup program! We'll cover how to make them appear straight away later.

Next, let's find out how to change the background of your setup application.

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This article was originally published on November 20, 2002

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