January 23, 2021
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Beginning Word Programming In VB

  • By Ronald Garlit
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You should print this out and follow it in the debug mode while running the code from the breakpoint we set at the beginning of the WITH statement. All will be come clear.

You will want to look in the help for all these Range Objects and check out the examples and syntax. The range object is the key object of all the MS Offices larger object models.

I hope this inspires you to explore and play with the different properties and methods. Keep in mind that the Range Object (and Selection Object) are used to specify areas in a document such as Bookmarks, Tables, Cells, Hyperlinks, Endnote, Footnote, etc, etc. etc. The list just goes on and on just in Word alone. So dont stay up too late.

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This article was originally published on November 20, 2002

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