March 9, 2021
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Beginning Resource Files

  • By Kenneth Ives
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First, we will add a couple of icons. Select the icon button, as shown in figure 3. Navigate to where you have some icons stored. (ex: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\ Common\ Graphics\Icons) Find one that represents STOP and another to represent START.

Figure 3.

One thing you have probably noticed is the names of these two icons have been changed. They are under the heading "Icons" and named 101 and 102. If you want to make sure as to what they look like, right mouse click one of them and select properties. These new names are known as their "Name ID". This is important information to be used later. Close out of the resource editor window.

Add a command button to the form. Highlight the command button and go to the properties window. Find the "STYLE" property and change it to "1 Graphical". Without this property being set, we cannot change the button color or place an icon on the button, both would be ignored. Set the height and width of this control to 1000. Figure 4 shows what you are looking at. Adjust accordingly.

Figure 4.

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This article was originally published on November 20, 2002

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