March 7, 2021
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Beginning Resource Files

  • By Kenneth Ives
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Now, lets get started. First thing we want to do is start Visual Basic 6.0. We will begin a new project. Now select the "Add-Ins" option on the menu bar, and then the "Add-In Manager...". Scroll down the list and find "VB 6 Resource Editor".

Figure 1.

Highlight and place a check mark in the "Loaded/Unloaded" box, if this is the only time you are going to access the editor. If you are going to access the editor on more than one occasion, then also place a check mark in the box "Load on Startup". Click the "OK" button. Now every time you start Visual Basic, you will see a new item at the bottom of the drop down menu under "Projects" named "Add New Resource File".

To begin with, we have to set up a place to save this new project. Select "File", "Save Project". Create a folder to save this project. At this time you may want to name your form or project.

Go to the menu bar and select "Project", "Add New Resource File". A window will open, prompting you for the name of a resource file. (See figure 2) Navigate to where you saved your new project and type on the filename line the name of your new resource file. (ex: MyFile.res) Select "Open". You will prompted with a verification screen to create the file, select "Yes".

Figure 2.

In the project window, usually in the upper right corner, there is now a new item named "Related Documents". Click on the "+" and you will see a new entry named "MyFile.res".

Double click this file ("MyFile.res") and the resource editor window will open. If you drag your cursor slowly over the buttons, you will see a brief explanation of what each does. Before we go any further, you must understand that the resource file is just that, a resource (repository, storage location, or permanent holding area). Whatever is easier for you to remember.

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This article was originally published on November 20, 2002

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