February 28, 2021
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Headache, Eye Strain, and 2000 Fever

  • By Ronald Garlit
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Its called MOD 2000 Fever. Thats right. Microsoft Office Developer 2000 has arrived. This is going to kill me. You see; Im one of those guys that poo pood VBA as not being a complete language. (I did the same thing when I was a C programmer about VB and look at me now.)

You see MOD 2000 adds things like COM Addin Designer, Visual Studio Templates, Visual SourceSafe and the Data Environment Designer. But thats not all.

There is Royalty-Free Runtime Access (yes, as in the database program) and MSDE Runtime Licensing. Whats that mean. Well, throw in the Package and Deployment Wizard and you can package and ship solution created in VBA.

Now for what really has made me sick with MOD 2000. There are productivity tools! Im really ticked over this because these only work within Office. The Add-ins consist of a Code Commenter, Error Handler and String Editor. The String Editor I d kill for on the VB side. It wont export to the VB environment. Believe me I tried.

The crowning jewel though is the VBA Code Librarian. Microsoft was smart enough not to tease me with this one as it loads under the Windows Program Menu as well as an Office Add-in. This means that the tons of code in there can be used and adapted by us real VB programmers.

In there we have 38 separate categories ranging from Access to Word. But in the middle is a broad range of really useful source code. Much of it Ive seen comp-sci students kill for. For example the String Manipulation/Parsing category has some 24 functions and code snippets in it. Plus the String Parsing (Generic) category adds 13 more pieces of code. Im talking useful stuff here. The kind that many of us code pack rats have been compiling over the years. You know the kind of code your surfing the web for. Lets say like those tips you can find here vbsquare.com and other Visual Basic web sites.

To say Im jealous would be a under statement. Except; I have my copy of Microsoft Office Developer and will be adding that code to my own stash in the Add-in code library database I wrote to organize my stash of snippets.

The only bite is Microsoft password protected the Access database its kept in. So I cant just import it. I have to add it by hand to my library. So it is with blood shot eyes that Ill have to read all that code too. Just comparing that to the code that I already have will take hours. After all, I know I have three different Split functions in my snippet collection that all work differently than the one now included in VB 6.

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This article was originally published on November 20, 2002

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