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Using VB to Build Your Web Site

  • November 19, 2002
  • By Sam Huggill
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OK. Lets put down some code. Open up VB and make a new Standard EXE Project. Add three text boxes (txtHeader, txtTitle and txtReturn), a command button (cmdMake) and a combo box (cboDir). Make sure that txtHeader's and txtReturn's MultiLine property is set to True and that you paste in the header text talked about above into txtHeader with another line at the top (<!--Start Header-->). Also put a space and then press Ctrl+Enter in the text property of txtReturn as Chr(13) does not act as a very good carriage return character. Add a common dialog control to the form (comDlg). Copy and paste this code into the cmdMake_Click procedure:

Private Sub cmdMake_Click()
  Dim strBuffer As String
  Dim strPath As String
  Dim intFile As String

  '// Build the HTML file
  strBuffer = txtHeader & txtReturn
  strBuffer = strBuffer & "<title>" _
    & txtTitle & "</title>" & txtReturn
  strBuffer = strBuffer & "</head>" & _
    txtReturn  strBuffer = strBuffer & _
    "<!--End Header-->" _
    & txtReturn
  strBuffer = strBuffer & "<!--Start Content-->" _
    & txtReturn
  strBuffer = strBuffer & bgImage(cboDir.Text)
  strBuffer = strBuffer & "<!--End Content-->" _
    & txtReturn
  strBuffer = strBuffer & "<!--Start Footer-->" _
    & txtReturn
  strBuffer = strBuffer & "</body>" & txtReturn
  strBuffer = strBuffer & "</html>" & txtReturn
  strBuffer = strBuffer & "<!--End Footer-->"

  '// Set up the common dialog
  intFile = FreeFile
  comDlg.Action = 2
  strPath = comDlg.filename
  If strPath = "" Then Exit Sub

  '// Open/Create the HTML file and write to it
  Open strPath For Append As #intFile
  Write #intFile, strBuffer
  Close #intFile

End Sub

We now need to build the bgImage function found in the above code. This function takes one parameter, strDir, which is the directory (root sub etc) from which to create to file to. It looks like this:

Private Function bgImage(strDir As String) As String
  Select Case strDir

    Case "Root Dir"
      bgImage = "<body background=" & Chr(34) & _
        "image/back.gif" & Chr(34) & ">"

    Case "Sub Dir"
      bgImage = "<body background=" & Chr(34) & _
        "../images/back.gif" & Chr(34) & ">"

    Case Else
      bgImage = ""
  End Select

End Function

That's basically all the code you need. Just add this little bit to the form's Load procedure:

Private Sub Form_Load()
With cboDir
  .AddItem "Root Dir"
  .AddItem "Sub Dir"
End With
End Sub

That's it! You have now created your own version of PageGen. See the source code download below if you get stuck.

NOTE: Please don't remove the <!--Text--> tags from the program, they will be needed in a future part of this series.

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